jueves, 13 de enero de 2011

Hello! Aiya here!

Wow! So now I can write on here. This seems soo cool! Soo I am so excited to be joining the family. I will be posting the English post on here.
A little bit about me:
I am an Idol who has worked in a maid cafe.
I love Momoi Haruko and other idols. I cosplay and go to lots of conventions.... Ummm Oh I am great friends with Osaka. He is the one who introduced Momoi into my life and I am so happy he did.
I got to meet Momoi at Anime Vegas 09 where I helped her out by lending her my compact and where she told me that I inspired her to cosplay Miku Hatsune
from Vocaloid. When I saw her cosplay on here I almost cried. She also used my broom-tar on stage during Saigo no Rock.
I also work for a lot of conventions so I am very active in the anime community and being a roloe model for younger Otakus.
I hope to make a lot of friends and that I will fit in here in the Momoi Mexico blog!
I also have my own blog http://idolinthemirror.blogspot.com/ Where I will post a lot more about me and my idol experience!
Thank you!

5 comentarios:

Osaka dijo...

Aiya Chan WELCOME TO MOMOI MEXICO TEAM, Im very happy!!!!!!!

Carlos dijo...

Hey! Now you are part of the team! Hope we can read a lot of blogs by you! California in Momoi Mexico!

Aiya dijo...

Thank you guys!

Lucre-chan dijo...

^^ Welcome ^^
Sorry for my bad english... TT_TT
I love your eyes!! *w* I'm very impress of your look ^^
You are a beautiful maid!! *w* So, a Idol too!! Great!!

Aiya dijo...

Aww thank you! I LOVE Haruhi!!!!!
You guys are so very sweet!